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Introducing our Stretch Mark Reduction Supreme Package! Led by our medical experts, this treatment combines the best of Pulse Light Clinic treatments to significantly reduce stretch marks. Achieve smoother, rejuvenated skin in just a consultation away.

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Package Price

These packages offer a combination of advanced treatments tailored to address specific concerns, delivering outstanding results. Take advantage of the limited-time discounts and invest in your skin’s health and beauty today.

Stretch Mark Reduction

Includes: 3 Morpheus8 + 3 Dermapen  + 1 Cool Laser + 3 Icon
Medium Area body choice of arms/stomach/flanks/décolleté

Number of Sessions
Was £ 3,429
£2,519 Total
£229 per session

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Stretch Mark Reduction Treatment Package in London

Stretch marks plague our bodies at various stages in our life, whether it’s puberty, pregnancy, building muscle or weight gain, some of us are genetically more prone than others. They appear in lines and are caused by the skin’s sudden need to stretch. There are so many creams that unfortunately do not work and treatments that only hit one depth in the skin or just aren’t effective. That’s why at Pulse Light Clinic we have designed the ultimate combination package that can be tailored to your stretch mark reduction needs.

The best time to treat your stretch marks is when they first appear (Stage 1) and are still pink in colour, (known as Rubrae Striae) or dark brown in colour with Asian and darker skin types. At this time the skin is still healing and producing cells to help to expand the skin. Treatments can be more effective at this stage as there is a lot of activity. Lasers and microneedling can have a massive impact on stretch marks in a shorter time frame, preventing the formation of more scar tissue as well as removing hyperpigmentation in darker skin types.

Once we have white or silver stretch marks (Alba Striae) the skin has finished its healing process (Stage 3) and scarring is already present. We then need a higher quantity of sessions and more aggressive treatments, full removal is less likely as the stretch marks are usually depressed and require a lot of collagenesis. Raised stretch marks that are hypertrophic will use the same combination but focus on flattening the stretch marks.

Pulse Light Clinic have led the way in skin treatments for many years, with new advancements in lasers and skin technology we remain at the forefront by heavily investing in the newest equipment. Stretch marks are easily reduced with the right combination to suit your skin. This breakthrough package can also be tailored to all skin types.

Stretch marks can vary in colour, depth and size. They can also appear on almost any area of the body, stomach, thighs, buttocks, arms, chest and back to name but a few. Our Consultants will assess these factors as well as your age, skin type and desired outcome to design a bespoke combination for smoother skin. Combining treatments allows for not only faster results but also more lasting results.

Morpheus 8

Designed to harmonise two technologies, microneedling and Radio Frequency (RF), Morpheus8 has revolutionised the skin industry. A machine suitable for every one that can treat the epidermis and travel up to 4 mm using insulated needles into the dermis, rapidly stimulating collagen and elastin beneath the skin as well as utilising the resurfacing tip to treat superficial signs of stretch marks, sitting at 1mm or less.
This treatment will have fast and longer term effects on stretch marks, and can aggressively treat stretch marks without the down time of fully ablative machines.


This 1540 nm fractional handpiece uses a glass prism to distribute micro lesions into the skin, the prism allows your practitioner to apply enough pressure to push the water from the treatment area during the shot, to reach more collagen at a deeper depth than usual. This FDA approved laser has over 80 publications to prove its efficacy for plumping and remodelling the skin through the renewal of collagen and elastin production. Excellent for treatment just below the epidermis. The ICON leaves healthy tissue between the damaged lesions allowing for a faster recovery time.

Cool Laser

This state of the art Erbium Yag provides the same ablative results as the CO2 laser but without the down time and risks. Targeting only the water in the epidermis this laser can be adjusted to varying degrees depending on the severity of the stretch marks. Providing a renewed upper layer of skin and unharming healthy tissue in the surrounding area, for a faster recovery. This treatment will cause some crusting to the skin for 5 days but makes a big improvement to the tone and texture on the surface of your stretch marks.


This 12 needle device allows your practitioner to infuse each stretch mark with specially developed products up to 2.5mm into the skin. Pushing products such as Dermaceuticals Hyaluronic Acid serum into the skin allows for 200 times more absorption than just applying to untreated skin. This treatment punctures the skin repetitively for excellent coverage, kick starting your body’s wound healing response. With a selection of products that work wonders for collagen and elastin stimulation in the Epidermis and Dermis. The targeted needles break up scar tissue within the stretch mark to leave more uniform smoother skin. This device is smaller than most options on the market and allows the practitioner to carefully trace each individual stretch mark for the optimum coverage. Whether your stretch marks are indented or raised this treatment will break down excess scar tissue and stimulate melanin back into the skin (great for white and old stretch marks), helping to promote a more even looking skin tone.

Clients with darker skin types may benefit from Britelite, a product that can minimise and undo melanin production in the area, perfect for those suffering with darker looking stretch marks.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Stretch Mark Reduction Package (FAQs)

What is the Stretch Mark Reduction Package?

The Stretch Mark Reduction Package is a comprehensive, multi-modality treatment plan that targets stretch marks at various depths, designed to suit all skin types. The treatments offered include Morpheus 8, ICON, Cool Laser, and Dermapen, which are tailored to each individual’s needs.

Is this treatment effective for white or silver stretch marks?

For white or silver stretch marks (Alba Striae), which signify that the skin has finished its healing process, more sessions and aggressive treatments are required. Full removal is less likely, but significant improvement can still be achieved.

When is the best time to treat stretch marks?

The best time to treat stretch marks is when they are still pink or dark brown, known as Rubrae Striae. At this stage, treatments can be more effective as the skin is still healing and actively producing cells.

What technologies are used in the package?

The package includes the use of Morpheus 8, ICON, Cool Laser, and Dermapen. These technologies are cutting-edge and FDA-approved, focusing on stimulating collagen and improving skin tone and texture.

How do these treatments work for darker skin types?

Lasers and microneedling can effectively treat stretch marks in darker skin types by preventing the formation of more scar tissue and removing hyperpigmentation.

How can I sustain the results?

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and good skincare routines, including daily application of Hyaluronic Acid Serum, and avoiding UV exposure to preserve the collagen structure.