Summer Months and Unwanted Pigmentation

The summer months can be a happy time or a tough time when it comes to skin pigmentation. Most of us are hoping for a nice even tan, and when we get it it’s a joy to behold. Unfortunately though for many of us, that golden tan can be rather elusive, instead we are left with a multitude of freckles, and perhaps uneven patches from unhappy burnt skin.

This affect the sun has on our skin year after year is rather damaging, eventually leaving permanent pigmentation, including sun spots, age spots and large, lasting freckles. Certainly not the look we are all aiming for with our skin!

A lot of advice we hear can be contradictory; stay out of the sun, put on a high SPF sunscreen, get sufficient vitamin D…. but how can these all be achieved when we need the sun for vitamin D?

I am no doctor and can’t give a totally satisfying answer to that question unfortunately, and actually I don’t think the medical field can either! What I can recommend though, is laser treatment for your sun damaged skin. That way if the sun has gotten a bit much over the years, you can be content with your vitamin D levels but don’t have to settle for your unhappy damaged skin.

With laser treatment, unwanted pigmentation can simply be lasered away, effective on sun spots, age spots, freckles and any other sun damage. It is simple, effective and doesn’t involve surgery; the excess build-up of melanin is simply broken down and taken away by the body, meaning the unwanted pigmentation just starts to fade away, and you can go back to enjoying your days in the sun! For more information on how these treatments work, click here.