Awesome things you see at tattoo conventions

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo conventions are a great place to see not only the world’s best tattoo artists at work, but a lot of other cool and kooky stuff too. For example:

People getting their eyeballs tattooed

Eyeball tattoos, or corneal tattoos as they’re officially known, are seeing somewhat of an upswing in popularity these days. First done by US tattoo artist Luna Cobra, the process is pretty much what you’d expect – sticking a needle in the eyeball and injecting ink under the cornea, leaving you with different coloured eyeballs for life. Your grandkids will probably think you’re either very cool, or run away.

People with bifid tongues

Tongue bifurcation, or splitting, was basically unheard of as recently as the 1990s but is a pretty common bod-mod these days. The most famous, and one of the earliest, split tongues probably belongs to Erik Sprague (The Lizardman), who had his done by an oral surgeon in 1997.

Tongue splitting is actually reversible, but the procedure is apparently even more painful than getting it done in the first place – ouch.


Not of the silicone breast variety, but sub-dermal implants designed to change the shape of someone’s face into a cat, lizard, skull or anything else you could possibly imagine. This is another one that’s gotten increasingly popular over the last few years. Famous examples include the aforementioned Lizardman, Katzen (who also wears whiskers attached to piercings in her face) and, more recently, ‘Red Skull’ Henry Rodriguez – who had the end of his nose cut off to better resemble his favourite supervillain.

Big earlobes

Recently spotted at the Venezuela tattoo convention was Kala Kaiwi, proud owner of the world’s largest stretched earlobes. His tunnels measure a massive 4.3in across, or 109mm in piercing terms. He can fit his ENTIRE HAND through them.