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Celebrity Tattoo Stories

Mike Tyson – the face ink

Tyson became the butt of a whole bunch of jokes when he rocked up with a tattoo on his face. Yep – FACE. But it turns out that what the retired boxer actually wanted was worse; turning up at his tattoo parlour wanting hearts permanently inked all over his face, Tyson was luckily talked out of it by the artist, who wanted a bit of time to come up with the perfect design. A week later, Tyson was so in love with the ensuing tribal design he decided to go ahead.

While it’s certainly not to everyone’s taste, according to Mike the tat has made him somewhat of a ladykiller. Some women have apparently paid homage to him by having the same ink!

Jamie Foxx – the weird ink

Every now and then, a celebrity tattoo is spotted that makes less than zero sense. Why? What? When? If there’s no clear reason – no obvious reference to their personal or religious values – figuring out the story behind a celebrity tattoo can be tricky. Jamie Foxx and the seriously weird ink he has going around the back of his head is a classic example of this.

When it first popped up some thought it was temporary, or for a movie or whatever. When he was still rocking it several years later, the world at large was forced to admit that yes, sometimes even Oscar winners make baffling decisions.

Hayden Panettiere – the bad ink

We could have used any number of celebs for this one but went with former Heroes actress Hayden, who unfortunately falls into the ‘nice but you spelled it wrong’ tattoo category. Plumping for ‘to live without regrets’ in Italian is even more hilarious when you live to regret the artist you picked, who misspelled a word and made it mean nothing. Huzzah.

Sylvester Stallone – the heartwarming ink

Sylvester Stallone has lots of bright, beautiful tattoos – and some pretty great reasons for getting them, too. Sly says he got inked to cover the scars he’s picked up over years of pretending to get beaten up for a living; for example, a vein tear he got during Rocky 2 that looked pretty ugly once it healed. Our favourite of Sly’s inkages is a portrait of his wife surrounded by three roses – the symbolism being that all of their daughters, for some reason, have the middle name Rose.

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