Colorful Tattoos: How Well Do They Respond to Laser Tattoo Removal?

Colourful Tattoos: How Well Do They Respond to Laser Tattoo Removal?

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Colourful Tattoos: How Well Do They Respond to Laser Tattoo Removal?

Over the years we have seen a variety of trends, the classic names, Chinese symbols, football badges and recently colourful tattoos such as those donning carps. So does it matter whether a tattoo ink is black or a variety of ink colours when it comes to removal?

Black ink was where it all began, using Q-switch Yag and Ruby lasers, thankfully as tattoos became more adventurous so has the technology to match. In the last decade tattoo removal has changed with the introduction of the picosecond lasers, versus the older nanosecond lasers. For colourful tattoos this is huge, a picosecond is 1000 times faster than a nanosecond! Not only does a pico laser reach more ink but it breaks the ink into sand like particles, making it easier for the body to dispose of. Prior to this Green and Blue ink was practically impossible to remove, thanks to the Picosure 755nm we now have the perfect wavelength to remove it!

What colours of ink cannot be removed with a laser wavelength?

White, (including UV ink and neon, pastel and flesh colours) this is due to white reflecting light and not absorbing it, therefore, when any of the laser wavelengths are used to target the pigment it does not respond. White can also oxidise, which can change its colour to gray. Once this happens it’s very hard to remove and not possible to reverse. Yellow was once considered irremovable, but with the 532nm picosecond laser from Picoway most find that the ink fades within a few sessions.

What can I do if I have white ink in my tattoo?

The best option is nothing. If you are removing the rest of your tattoo an experienced practitioner should be able to work their way around the tattoo and successfully avoid the white ink. Once the rest of the ink is gone, white ink (typically used to highlight a tattoo) will be hardly noticeable.

Will it take longer to remove a colourful tattoo than a black one?

As there are a long list of varying conditions over how long a tattoo takes to remove, such as health, depth of the ink, location on the body, skin tone and age of the tattoo, it makes it hard to compare. The fastest ink colour to remove is now green, red and light shading, these can go in as little as one session. Thanks to the Picoway and Picosure lasers the tattoo complexity is no longer an issue when it comes to speed.

What laser wavelengths will I need for a colourful tattoo?

It’s important to do your due diligence when choosing a laser tattoo removal clinic when you have a colourful tattoo. A Q-Switch and even some Pico lasers cannot remove all ink colours. Clinics such as Pulse Light Clinic have four different laser machine, with a multitude of wavelengths, which allows for the delivery of each wavelength for every ink colour. Check out the list below and be sure your clinic has all the lasers that match the colours in your tattoo.

Red, Yellow, Orange – 532nm wavelength
Green, Blue, Purple – 755nm wavelength
Black ink – 755nm or 1064 nm wavelength

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