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Fastest Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

What is the Fastest Tattoo Removal Available?

Conventional tattoo removal relies heavily on a type of photo-thermal energy to target the pigment of the tattoo and surrounding skin. While it can successfully remove a tattoo, treatments need to be spaced from six weeks to two months apart, and it may take anything from 15-30 treatments to fully remove a tattoo. On top of this, it was not always effective on certain inks such as greens and blues.

Your whole tattoo can be erased in as little as 4-10 treatments

The newer PicoSure/PicoWay tattoo removal lasers use photo-mechanical principles as opposed to photo-thermal alone, combined with ultra-short pulses, called pico-seconds (one trillionth of a second) to shatter the ink into minute particles which your body then eliminates itself. This powerful process means the whole tattoo can be erased in as little as 4-10 treatments. Requiring less heat and less energy means that the surrounding tissue is left unharmed and the space between treatment can be much shorter too. it is also effective in all colours, including those greens and blues!

During your consultation, your tattoo will be assessed by looking at the size, depth and colours of inks.