Fastest Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

What is the Fastest Tattoo Removal Available?

The question of fastest tattoo removal is currently very easy to answer as the newest laser on the market has flown ahead of the rest of the options out there. This is the PicoSure Laser.

Cynosure is a leading brand in all things medical-cosmetic and the PicoSure laser is the newest laser they have turned out.

Whereas past top tattoo removal lasers called the Q-switch lasers used mostly heat to target the pigment and skin of the tattoo the new PicoSure laser uses no heat at all, instead it fires ultra-short pulses of light into the tattoo which act to mechanically break the ink down into tiny particles which the body can then remove.

The amazing about this change in technique is it allows a much decreased downtime between treatments, in the past you needed to wait between 6-8 weeks before your follow up appointment and now that is down to only a few weeks gap required.  This is one of the key factors in making it the fastest tattoo removal option.

The second factor which makes the PicoSure Tattoo removal so fast is simply the number of treatments required. In the past 10-20 treatments were required to fully remove your tattoo and now with the PicoSure it generally requires only 3-7 treatments.

These two factors by far put the PicoSure Laser as the fastest tattoo removal option out there. Now as of the last data I have there are in fact only two clinics in the whole of the UK to have this brand new laser, everywhere else will be using the Q-switch or other brand lasers.

Don’t be fooled by cheaper prices or clever words though, get yourself in for a consultation with the PicoSure laser and in a few months your tattoo will be a thing of the past. Click here for more information or to book yourself in for a free consultation.