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Real People, True Results: Laser Tattoo Removal James

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James came to Pulse Light Clinic for laser tattoo removal after researching online and receiving a recommendation from a friend. After years of wanting to remove his full arm tattoo, he took a friend’s advice and decided to come and see our expert practitioners. As a result, James opted for the treatment, a decision which he is delighted to have made.

James is an actor, and he stated that he felt ‘his tastes had changed’ and ‘the tattoo was no longer his style’. Though it was a big decision, he wanted it done once he knew he could remove it. So he visited the clinic, and after his consultation, he had a skin test to feel the laser and booked his treatment immediately.

Every treatment was around 30 to 40 minutes, so it was a very quick process for him. He had many sessions, and also he had to look after the treated area following the treatment, and the tattoo now is obviously faded. If he had to score the pain of the tattoo removal treatment, it was a 6 out of 10; probably the same pain ass getting the tattoo.

For James, this was a chance to start afresh with a blank slate. Through laser tattoo removal, he could remove a tattoo that he felt no longer suited his personal style, and now his former tattoo, which covered almost his entire sleeve, is barely visible.

Though it was a big decision for James, enabling him to do the procedure quickly and moderately painful, for him and many others who want to remove tattoo’s that no longer suit their style, laser tattoo removal is the ideal remedy.

Pulse Light Clinic uses the Picosure and Picoway Lasers to ensure we can treat all skin types and ink colours.