Tattoo Regret

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Tattoo Regret

Though everyone when starting out to get a tattoo knows that it is a permanent decision and lasting mark on their body there is still a growing trend of tattoo regret. There are many reasons that people come to regret their tattoos and here are some of the main ones.

It could be that the tattoo was a spur of the moment decision, one bad drunken night and you have the tattoo for life. Maybe you don’t regret having a tattoo but in retrospect that tattoo is not quite what you would choose.

A common reason is that you did love the tattoo at a certain time in your life but that is not where you are now. Whether it relates to an ex, a group you are no longer a part of or it just no longer reflects who you are.

And then there is the situation of if you had the tattoo you imagined you would love it but what you see on your body is not quite that. Maybe it was poorly executed or the tattoo artist just did not quite capture your idea. Looking at it will always be a reminder of the image you almost had.

The good news is that in the past it really was a permanent mark with the only way of removing it resorting to awful methods such as removal by burning and chemicals. So with these methods you were left with tattoo regret or horrible scars…either way not what you want for your body, your confidence or your self-esteem.

Luckily that is a time of the past and after only 3-6 treatments at a clinic with a PicoSure machine that tattoo can be gone! Leaving you able to enjoy your body in its natural state or open to getting the tattoo that you really want!

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