Tattoo removal Prices

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal Prices

Apparently there is a big rise in tattoo regret with about one third of people with tattoos coming to regret at least one of them. Usually it never turned out quite how you wanted it or your love for it has just faded away. In ratio to this growing demand the tattoo removal industry is booming.

This means that the technology for tattoo removal is just getting better and better. Which is great news for you as though you will have to fork out the money at least the end result will actually be no-tattoo unlike in the past!

The latest development in tattoo removal is the PicoSure machine. This machine drastically reduces the number of treatments required for a full removal of the tattoo. In as little as 3-5 treatments it is possible for the tattoo to be completely removed, of course sometimes it is possible that more treatments will be needed.

This latest advance is the best news for your wallet as tattoo removal prices are per treatment, the less treatments you need the cheaper it is going to be. Remember that the number of treatments needed is going to vary because of things like the colours used in the tattoo, how deep the ink went and so on.

Here are the tattoo removal prices for Pulse Light Clinic using the PicoSure Machine:

 Very small £75 £225

 Small £125 £375

 Medium £190 £570

 Large £290 £870

 Very large £430 £1290

 Major £560 £1680

The first column is the price for a single treatment. The second column is the price for a package of 4 treatments. This package is the equivalent of your 4th treatment completely free or 25% off! Pulse Light Clinic also has special finance options where you can pay a certain amount every month, this means that no matter your circumstances you can figure out a way of making it affordable for you!

Pulse Light Clinic provides tattoo removal, for more information, please visit this page.