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The PicoSure Difference

Tattoo Removal

Revolutionising Aesthetics: PicoSure Tattoo Removal

In the realm of aesthetic treatments, PicoSure tattoo removal stands as a groundbreaking innovation, marking its status as the world’s premier picosecond laser. This cutting-edge technology, distinguished by its ultra-short bursts of energy, operates at the trillionth of a second level, wielding an unparalleled photomechanical impact known as the patented PressureWave™.

The PicoSure Advantage

  1. Picosecond Precision: A Quantum Leap Ahead

The pulse width of PicoSure is a mere hundredth of that offered by nanosecond technology. This exceptional precision empowers photomechanical impact, allowing the shattering of targets without causing harm to the surrounding skin. The result? A quantum leap in the effectiveness of aesthetic treatments.

2. PressureWave™ Technology: Shaping the Future

Unlike traditional nanosecond lasers relying on photothermal action, PicoSure employs its revolutionary PressureWave™ Technology. This innovative approach shatters targets into minuscule particles, effortlessly eliminated by the body. The implications are profound: tattoos and benign pigmented lesions are cleared with reduced fluence, fewer treatments, and quicker recovery times.

3. Tackling the Tough: Recalcitrant Tattoos and Vibrant Colors

PicoSure emerges as the champion in dealing with recalcitrant tattoos and challenging colours such as blue and green inks. Traditional nanosecond technology, limited to black inks on darker skin types, pales in comparison. PicoSure’s prowess extends to revitalising the skin, thanks to its micro-ablative FOCUS Lens Array, delivering extraordinary results.

4. Versatility in Ink Targets: A Palette of Possibilities

PicoSure’s versatility shines through in its ability to target an array of ink colours—blue, green, purple, red, and black—especially catering to fair skin types. In contrast, nanosecond technology fixates solely on black inks, and its counterpart, the RevLite Q-switch, shares the innovative pedigree of being manufactured by CynoSure technology.

Pain-Free Beauty: PicoSure Treatment Experience

The PicoSure treatment experience is designed with your comfort in mind. Unlike traditional approaches, there’s no need for extensive preparation beforehand. The procedure itself is often described as bearable, akin to a ‘hot rubber band snapping on the skin.’ Your practitioner will guide you through pain management options, ensuring a personalised and pain-free journey to aesthetic enhancement.

FAQs: Demystifying PicoSure

1. Is PicoSure Safe for All Skin Types?

Absolutely! PicoSure’s versatility extends to various skin types, offering effective and safe treatments for a diverse range of individuals.

2. How Many Sessions Are Typically Required?

The efficiency of PicoSure translates to fewer sessions compared to traditional methods. However, the exact number varies based on individual factors, and your practitioner will provide a tailored plan during the consultation.

3. What Sets PicoSure Apart from Other Laser Technologies?

PicoSure’s unique combination of picosecond precision and PressureWave™ Technology sets it apart by delivering superior results with minimised discomfort and downtime.

PicoSure tattoo removal emerges as a revolutionary force in aesthetic treatments. Its picosecond precision, PressureWave™ Technology, and versatility in tackling tough inks position it as the go-to choice for individuals seeking exceptional results with minimal discomfort. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional nanosecond technology, and embrace the future of aesthetic enhancements with PicoSure. Your journey to a more vibrant and ink-free canvas begins here.