Wave goodbye to unwanted ink with PicoSure

Tattoo Removal

Wave goodbye to unwanted ink with PicoSure

If you’re living to seriously regret that tattoo you got a few years back that seemed to epitomise all your passions back then but now just seems like an eyesore, we can sympathise. We understand what it’s like to just want something gone as fast as humanly possible, and we can help you achieve it thanks to our PicoSure tattoo removal system.

Things to consider when choosing PicoSure

While PicoSure is faster and more effective than other laser removal methods, here are a number of factors that will influence the ins and outs of your treatment:

  • How much ink has been used to make up your tattoo
  • How deep under the skin the ink goes
  • The type of ink used
  • Where on your body the tattoo is, and how big
  • What colour the inks are
  • How long the tattoo has been there

PicoSure versus the Q-switch method

While the Q-switch laser was previously seen as the only way to get a tattoo removed, PicoSure has many advantages when compared to this method. Instead of using heat to break up the ink particles that your tattoo is made of, PicoSure uses super-short but extremely powerful mechanical pulses to literally shatter the ink into particles small enough to be reabsorbed by the body’s natural systems. PicoSure achieves this much faster than other laser methods, making the process much faster. It also has no effect on the surrounding skin so treatments can be done closer together and there’s much less risk of scarring.

As well as being quicker, PicoSure can also remove tattoos that have previously been too stubborn to move; those with a lot of green and blue ink, for example, or ink that’s been there for a long time.

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