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Can Laser Help With Strawberry Legs?

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Whether you call them shaving spots or strawberry legs, they must be a defining factor when it comes to wearing tights or going bare-legged when you dress up. This is more common and visible in darker skin types. With the summer season approaching here are some tips from Pulse Light Clinic.

What are these spots and what’s the best way to deal with them?

These dark spots are open comedones (or dilated hair follicles) that are naturally filled with the body’s natural oils and sebum. Truth be told, the reason for their dark appearance is because these widened pores can trap bacteria and dead skin cells, which oxidize in the open air and turn dark. Strawberry legs are more visible after you’ve gone through shaving or waxing hair removal methods, due to hair follicles being left more open. Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of them entirely as they are a natural part of your skin, plus they keep everything healthy with their purpose.

Can laser hair removal help with strawberry legs?

Laser hair removal helps with strawberry legs by removing dark pigmented hair, reducing the look of the strawberry legs.

  • Build up of oil in the subglabrous gland
  • Treatment through exfoliation
  • Natural body lotions not containing lanolin or mineral oil

“I have strawberry legs, but I keep clean”  

Why have strawberry legs appeared?

Well, if cleanliness, lack thereof that is, isn’t the cause, then it’s the way you shave. Sometimes, if your razor isn’t sharp enough and doesn’t entirely remove the follicle, then whatever is left will also end up clogging your pores and causing them to darken.

  • Shave less, opt for laser hair removal
  • Always use a clean sharp razor
  • Exfoliate – but don’t be too harsh on your skin as this can irritate your skin and lead to a complete other problem.
  • Use a salicylic wash will help with clearing out these follicles.